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Date: 23 March 2017


Electric Gates Consultation Paper



Dear residents of Enfield Island Village Phase 1,


As you might already know we are the largest Block Management Company at the village responsible for the largest car park and public areas.


As such we have to deal with antisocial behaviour, unauthorised parking, abandoned vehicles, illegal motor repairs and car sales businesses being operated from our car parks.   We even had to deal with the use of the car park as storage vehicles salvage storage facility by one of the businesses tenanting premises at the centre of the village.     Worse of all being the continuous fly tipping in our car parks (mainly at Soper Mews) by whom we believe to be outsiders dumping their rubbish in our car park and you, the owners have to pick up the clearance costs.


This document is written to you in the form of consultation paper which will be open up until 5pm 30/04/2017, explaining our plans and asking for your comments and suggestions with the aim to reduce and possibly stop these practices once and for all.  


The intention is to gate our community by installing electric gates at the two entrances of Harston Drive, EN3. EIV Phase 1 would like to keep you informed of every stage of the progress.


This consultation period is to allow you to have your say. If you have any objections, opinions and/or questions you should forward these to us by email to [email protected]


How will the electric gates help alleviate the problems?


Electric gates would restrict vehicular access onto EIV Phase 1.  


• They will stop customers from local businesses parking in residential parking spaces

• Residents of the new development in Government Raw will no longer be able to enter without the correct fob

• In regards to anti-social behaviour residents have observed males sitting in cars near the pond area in James Lee Square smoking drugs. If people are unable to drive into EIV Phase 1 they will not come here

• Greater security - The gates will provide an extra level of security and act as a deterrent

• The gates will have CCTV cameras installed on top. Criminals will choose easy targets so let’s not be one of them.


What is the benefit to me?


• Your car insurance will most like be reduced - Essentially you will now be parking in a secure/gated car park. You will need to check with your insurance company but in a dummy quote by EIV this reduced the annual cost

• Reduction in home insurance

• Extra level of security

• No more speeding around by boy races

• Reduced anti-social behaviour – Stop people abusing the area that you live in by restricting their access

• Increased property value – EIV Phase 1 have spoken to a local estate agent who is confident this will add value to your property. The reason for this is that EIV Phase 1 is simply making it a nicer and safer place to live in.

• There is also something impressive about being an estate with gates… This could be a deciding factor when selling your property as there is a lot of choice on the market.

• Reduce abandoned vehicles – It can cost EIV Phase 1 between £100-150 to remove an abandoned vehicle. This is also a lengthy process often taking up to two months.

• Reduce fly tipping – A lot of fly tipping is the result of vans coming and dumping rubbish where you live. If the vans can’t get in they will move on.


Where will the gates be?


































The two red circles represent approximately where the gates will be installed. The red circle at the top will be the way in and the red circle at the bottom will be the way out.


How do the gates work?


The gates can be operated two ways.


1. Remote key fob - The key fob will allow you to open the gates at the single push of a button. Once you drive into Harston Drive, EN3 the gates have sensors which will close automatically behind you.

2. Intercom System – There will be an intercom system at the way in (top red circle on the map). Users will simply scroll through the list and select the property they want to contact. Once the property is selected the user will press the ‘Call’ button. Once the call button is pressed this will lead to the intercom system dialling a sequence of pre-programmed UK landline or mobile numbers of your choice. You will get a phone call on your home phone or mobile. To open the gates you press #1 on your chosen phone. The vehicle enters and the gates close behind the vehicle. You can program more than one number into the intercom so don’t worry if you miss the call.


When you are leaving EIV Phase 1, simply drive up to the exit gate and it will open automatically.


How much do the gates cost?


In order to get the most competitive quotes a brief was put together and sent off to a number of companies. We estimate the gates will cost approximately £17,000 + VAT including installation. However, we are continuously working with these companies in order to provide a cost effective solutions without cutting corners. We have reduced the quote by approximately £3,500 + VAT by just adopting a one way in, one way out system!


How much is this costing me?


There are 153 properties in EIV phase 1 so it will cost approximately £130.00 per property.   Having said that we estimate that your property value will increase by £10,000 to £20,000 almost immediately as a result of this project.


Key fobs will be charged at around £20-£25 each.    However you do not need a key fob to operate the gates as you can always use the intercom to let yourself in as the intercom can dial your mobile.  


Yes but these gates will need servicing and maintenance… How much is that?


Servicing will be done twice a year (every six months). This will cost approximately £350.00 + VAT per service. We estimate servicing and maintenance will cost approximately £5.00 per flat per year.


In regards to maintenance this will only be done when needed. The gates will be made of metal. When the major works are done every three years the gates will be painted at the same time as the communal areas by the same contractors to save costs.


If the gates break will I be locked in/out?


No.  You will be given an emergency number to call and we will come and manually override the gates in order to keep them open until repaired. We will endeavour to get these fixed within the next working day.


What will the gates look like?


The gates will be painted black, made of metal and approximately 6 foot tall. We want to keep the gates a simple design so it is in keeping with the surrounding.


Once we have chosen a supplier we will have drawings made up and publish those on our website for every resident to see.


This consultation period will close at 5pm 30/04/2017.




Kind regards


Enfield Island Village Phase 1 Management Ltd


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